Quake Live is the most awesome FPS around today - and hardly anyone plays it. If you can get over the initial learning curve, there's no other game that's as exciting, fun and rewarding as Quake Live. No other game is as well-made for high-level competition - a 10 minute game between two top level players will leave you gaping at the moves they're pulling off. And yet, both player and stream viewer numbers are incredibly low.

Quake Live is based on Quake 3 from back in 1999, with technical improvements and balance changes - which means that it'll easily run on any kind of computer. The game has a lot of dedicated servers for all the different game types in different locations around the world, so you can almost always find a server to play what you want.

Compared to games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty or Battlefield, Quake Live is a lot more fast-paced - any QL frag movie will show you that. Camping will NOT work in Quake - you have to keep moving around and just accept that you die a lot if you aren't yet a good player.

The game is free to play, but to get access to certain maps and private servers you pay a small monthly fee. Many of the competitive maps are available for free users, so you can easily test the game's full width before deciding if you want to pay for the additional content or not.

Register and play Quake Live: www.quakelive.com
Standalone Quake Live client: www.qlprism.us
Talk about Quake Live: www.esreality.com, QL subreddit

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