Born and raised in Norway, currently living in Amsterdam. I like to indulge in music, movies, playing guitar and video games - but computers and programming has been my main interest, dating back to the computer my family got when I was 6 years old and the book on C programming I got my hands on when I was 12 - and I turned that into my profession in 2013.

I consider myself passionate about best practices, automation and maintainability, I always try to be an open, honest, and reliable person, and I'm constantly trying to improve and learn new things.

My technical skills include programming, code design, automation, deployment, configuration management, databases, Linux in general, orchestration tools, high availability, scalability, and lots more. More than that, though, I enjoy making, using and putting together technology to help people, either by making their workload smaller or easier, or enabling them to do new things. I enjoy talking to these people, figure out their (or their business') needs and how to meet them.

Github: @anlutro
Twitter: @AndreasLutro
LinkedIn: andreaslutro
StackOverflow: andreaslutro